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You're Nearly Dead 4: Wedded

April 2, 2018


You're Nearly Dead is a podcast about taking creative chances and risking failure. In every episode, Charlie, Matt, and Ben each write a piece and then share them with each other and the listeners.

In this, the first official episode of their (almost) brand new podcast, our hosts reveal their responses to the title 'Wedded'. 






I admire your commitment to inconsistency 

your consistent changing insistency

How you find joy in dedication

But feel no need to say forever

I’ve tried vanilla 

I could write the definition

You’ve tried your best to empty the chiller

Then you’ll move on to the sauces





I married my dream 

She was right for me

More daydream than night

I’d like to work out the finer details

Of my life as a pro-musician 

Which guitars to buy

What to wear on tour

The title of album three 

The artwork for album four

But always alive to the fact 

That the album is a dying format

This was my wife, my life 

Until one night last week

I saw Jade Bird live 

What is the point in trying

I cannot make amends

My dream only wants to be friends





They were magma.

The tumbling,

The in-escaping

 feeling of trust,

The bond of love.

That time they both threw inordinate quantities of algae over grandmother’s garden fence

Covering the neighbours' washing.

It could not have been more hilarious

And of no personal consequence.


A cow’s tongue inside a cow’s mouth.

Rain formulating within clouds.


A mudslide fulfilling its side of the bargain,

That marriage of detritus and gravity.

The common reaction between 

Vinegar and sodium bicarbonate,

Reacting to make

A mess all over the classroom.




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