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You're Nearly Dead 5: No Personal Consequence

April 9, 2018


Welcome to the second and fifth episode of You’re Nearly Dead, a titling convention that proves we’re great at writing. This week our hosts respond to the theme in three very different ways; drawing on death, the environment, and posterity. Plus there's discussion of public nudity and intimate shaving. 








If you want to feel like you matter,

That you make a difference;

Each action you take 

affects others


(And so you worry).


Yes it all matters

History is forever.


In 10,000 years 

We’ll all remember you.





To the occupier

I am touched by your concern for me

If it were not so charming it would be amusing

‘Save the planet’

I don’t need saving.  I am eternal

I do grow hot and cold with the seasons

But I continue to turn

As I drift idly amongst my friends and neighbours

And you may stay as long as you wish

It was a shame your predecessors had to leave so abruptly 

Warmest regards


Just plain earth, not ‘mother earth’, which is a title that may lead to a misunderstanding about the nature of our relationship. 

Sink or swim.  You decide.





Does anyone we know need a toaster

And where do you dispose of pillows

I just bought a sofa

But we can’t throw this out

I guess it’ll fit in the blue room


Letters from people who are now gone too

We can’t read the writing so they go in the bin


So do the boxes of boxes of photos 

So many we say 

that a flip book movie could be made 

That would last as long as they did


More boxes too, but full of cigars 

They never smoked but they kept them


After a month 

With more left to do

We promise each other to leave nothing

That our only effects will be personal

We both know we’re lying

But it lightens the mood

As we continue to lighten the load



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