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3B3B 19: Close-Up Pornography Audio

April 10, 2018


The boys return to what they know, drinking three exceptional, and entirely alcoholic, beers. On the way they reveal what Castlemain's four Xs stand for, discuss methods for handling room mate nudity, remember mirrors, explain the Isle of White, choose our favourite beer forever, and deliver the very first Gregular Update.




Anchor Steam Beer

Adnams Broadside

Wild Beer Modus Operandi




Brewing with lager yeast at ale temperatures produces California Common / Steam Beer.



Brewing with ale yeast at lager temperatures produces Kolsch and Altbier



Esters! The often overlooked beer ingredient:



How ‘appliance company’ millionaire Fritz Maytag saved Anchor:



Gary was right about mirrors, and here they are:




























Adnam’s excellent description of Broadside:



That extraordinarily expensive Fuller’s beer



'The pain of war' is a reference that takes some explaining. We brew a beer called INK at the Totnes Brewing Co. We wrote a BrewDog style description for it, for funsies, that looked like this:




And then used a translator to run the text through about 15 languages before returning it to English. Then it looked like this:



There is no compromise.

No doubt.


Ink of the sensual attack on the base.


Unfortunately, patience, and go forth from our people, breaking the bonds, Porter. Conventionality lime fizzes curb dark chocolate, coffee and black treacle vie for attention. Goldings hops Hallertauer Admiral emerge from the darkness that organic Lebanese grenade explodes your preconceived ideas about the ancient world. Give imitations. Taking nothing less.


There's the pain of war.



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