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Spare Ideas 4: Wonderwall Vaporiser, Dog Immobiliser, Ikea Breakfast Broccoli Bar

April 25, 2018


Our guest this week is folkster and folk star, David Harbottle of Harbottle & Jonas. As an inventor, David is spontaneous and nimble, able to adjust and redirect in a matter of seconds. As such, it might be hard to work out what his third invention is, and there are potential confusions about his first and second. What we’re sure of though, is that this young inventor is going to change the world. Probably for the better.









There is veggie (and vegan) food at ikea. It looks like this:



There is beer made out of urine, it’s called Pisner:




Dirty Broccles:



























David with his Doggles:





















And here’s a picture of Ben 'The Better Ben' Wishaw:



































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