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Spare Ideas 7: Ban of Sleeves, Animalympics, Weekend Scrabble

May 21, 2018


This week’s guest is musician and teacher, Tess Alaina. When not crafting the creative minds of tomorrow, Tess keeps busy reshaping her own world in an effort to make it more fun. Though so far these inventions have remained in Tess’s mind, today they enter yours. 


If you want to learn more about Tess as a teacher, you realistically can’t. But if you want to hear the music she makes with her partner, check out https://soundcloud.com/bewateruk


As for that quote that Ben can’t remember, he still can’t, but it goes a bit like this:


“The compliant person looks at the world and sees how they can fit into it. The stubborn person looks at the world and sees how it can fit around them. Therefore it is the stubborn person that changes the world.”


Or something like that.



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