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3B3B 25: Pint of Boring

May 22, 2018


While the beer loving world heads to Huddersfield to sip on Un-Human Cannonball, the 3 Boys console themselves with the usual blend of boring, quite boring, and very good beer. Which one's which? I think you can guess. Also featuring cats, Len Ticular, fresh portmanteaus, hard panning, and a revolutionary new way of gravity brewing.




John Smith’s Extra Smooth

Robinson’s Old Tom

The Emperor’s Brewery Blue Harvest





The rather enjoyable 1970s TV adverts for John Smiths. Rather unsurprisingly, these were not broadcast in the North of England because, if Yorkshire was a race, this would be racist.




Camden Brewery is owned by AB InBev, which we sort of said.


Old Tom used to look like this, and now it looks like that



Hoptimism is both an online bottle shop and a real brick and mortar one. Their selection is outstanding:




That ‘best place to drink on a Sunday’ that Gary mentioned is known as Grote Dorst, but its full name is 'In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst’. Translated that becomes ‘In the Insurance against Great Thirst’. Reason enough to drink there, but they also have the best Lambic selection in the world. They are open 'every Sunday and church holiday from 10 am to 8 pm'


Isn’t the Belgian Beer scene wonderful.





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