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YND 12: Above & Beyond

July 16, 2018


The theme this week is rap, and our hosts tackle it like any white middle class english men would: with embarrassing enthusiasm and beats stolen from Dre.



This week’s pieces:





Miss Bliss and Mister Blister 

She’s sunshine’s brighter sister, with the 

Gist of her rays and her ways 

And her warm lazy gaze but not seeing 

Lookin’ but not being alive to the facts 

That where she’s warm, he lacks 

Any form of human quality at all 

But just a short lesson 

from this rapping impression 

This guy keeps me guessing’ 

but he keeps on impressin’ her





Bicycle Face


I rode into the wind

and I got disfigured

Found no kinda gun

Could get me triggered 

Chose harder higher gears

to push through the years 

Working uphill 

for fear of going down 

I Tried to break 

And I broke



Each passing place 

I passed the same 

Ticking off time 

And tasks the same 

Making me a machine 

My bike, my brain 

Got clogged with clay 

Saw the next place 

Refused to pass

Left me laying 

On the cold damp grass 


These working days

And our working ways

Put every play in the past

We are burning our way 

During our stay 

In order to travel through fast







I don’t take time to get to speed 


Never need 

More than what I’ve got — 

I’m never sweating any beads 


I’m here to burn the finish line 

Smoking all these suckers 

In my mirrors they’re behind me. 


Taking the lead, 

Taking the top team 

To the limit and winning, 

Never stopping or giving 

Anything away 

This has always been my day 

For you this is do or die 

For me this is playtime 


Hold the red light 

I don’t want you disqualified 

I’m here to see your face 

On the video rewind 

V-E-G-A, yeah that’s me 

Taking it above and beyond 

The whole scene.



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