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YND 13: Got Clogged

July 30, 2018

The theme this week is Country! Given that two of our hosts play and write in a Country Rock band, they should knock it out the park. Or the country park, if you will. 


This week's pieces: 



It was 1889 
They built this dirty maze of mine 
I keep things moving right below your feet 
Where the sun don't shine 
Is where I spend my time 
I know it better than I know the street 

All week 
I'm knee-deep 
(But My girl is) so sweet 
When I leave it behind 
Til one day I saw that 
She was on her back 
With the guy the keeps the drains in town intact 

Now when you're feeling fine 
In 2099 
You won't know what's right below your feet 
It's my baby 
And the drain man maybe 
The other sewer rats have had a treat 



When you asked, in your gentle tone 
To use the most private part of my home 
I was torn to tell the tawdry truth 
That room belies my ample youth 

I would not wait on this stalemate 
My body’s a temple I desecrate 
Now the pipes are packed, the flow is low 
And I don’t know when I’ll next go 

To save us both the grievance 
I’d find another convenience 

I got clogged 
Now I cannot find my way through the fog 

I got clogged 
Now my love is like a broken bog 


Got Clogged 

When you left me 
I was torn in two 
Two halves of broken heartache 
Like this I’ve never seen 
Before I can 
make it to my feet 
I’ve hung my head and cried. 
But I’m a rock. 
And I gotta keep rolling on. 

Cos if I don’t 
I know I won’t be the man 
That I want to be 
I’ll be stuck in a rut 
I’ll be too cut up to see 
What else is out there 
And I ain’t standing 
No, I ain’t standing 
I ain’t standing for that. 

You’ve taken 
12 of my years 
from me 
But None of that crossed your mind 
when it came 
to your cheating heart 
When you sat me down 
In this old chair 
To tell me you no longer cared... 
I’ll be a rock 
I gotta keep rolling on.



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