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3 Boys 1 Willie: Verse Two

September 10, 2018


The Boys continue their hubristic journey into the mind of Big Willie with verse two of Ya’ll Know.




Willie introduces his song structure, is on fire like Jon Blaze, is an earthquake, also a dance floor gentleman, has a broad investment portfolio, and a vast supply of very strong wine.




I'm back attackin the mic

Hype like a Viking

Strikin like a python

Blaze like Jon

A hip-hop icon, MC radical

Back on track from my rap/act sabbatical

Nine-point-six on the richter

Kicked her, hands so slickta

Chicks quickta flip tha

Bright glance and the tight pants

For the slight chance, "Big Willie can we get one dance?"

Why yes you may an', I'm just sayin

That dress you playin, is A-Okay an

This is your chance for, at least it could be

For you an you girlfriend on the dancefloor, menege-boogie

On the scene I fronts an dashin, fashion

Lost my cream once, now I'm stashin cashin

Countries and currencies, like a true Don

It's a new time and this time watch me shine

The way y'all blaze through the days and nights

How I deal with the craze my momma raised me right

Whether I'm on stage or in the studio booth

100 proof, raisin the roof, raisin the roof! 



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September 10, 2018

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